“How I BEAT Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, eliminating all of  the terrible symptoms FOR GOOD and have now been living a life full of energy and way better health for over a decade and counting”

Since you’re here, you’ve probably heard my story about how I BEAT Chronic Fatigue Syndrome FOR GOOD, how I have been symptom free now for over 10 years (and counting) and how I now live with more energy, stamina, fitness, health and vitality than I ever knew before.

My name is Adrian, and I know first hand what life is like when you have chronic fatigue. I was a fit, healthy and active young guy living life to the fullest when in late 2000 I started to experience significant symptoms that zapped all of my energy, robbed me of my vibrant young life and led to the diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome.

For months after this diagnosis, I was following all of the recommendations of my doctor and specialist, hoping that I would be cured but all that happened was the following:

  • A steady increase in symptoms:
  • Sleeping 11 – 13 hours a night
  • Not having the energy to do the things I wanted
  • Taking multiple naps during the day
  • Being in a constant “head fog”
  • Having frequent and persistent sore throats and headaches
  • Not being able to do any exercise
  • Being disengaged from my friends and social activities and
  • Finding myself in a downward mental and emotional spiral.

This was a very frustrating and demoralizing time of my life. I was hugely disappointed that I wasn’t getting any answers from my doctor and specialist and it didn’t take long before I realised that if I wanted to get better, I would have to find my own answers. I remember the day clearly when I decided to take action to win my life back.

Now I should also say that I am a health professional too (a physiotherapist in Australia), which really helped. Using my knowledge of the body and disease mechanisms plus the research and problem solving skills that my degree taught me I embarked on a journey of research in which I read everything I could about recovering from disease, studied medical journals and scientific studies and applied things into my life. This was tough going. I was very run down and tired. Some days, the effort would set me back and I would stay in bed being unable to function for the next day or two or more. But I slowly persisted.

In time, I discovered 11 key strategies that, once I implemented them, I quickly began to notice improvements in my life and very soon after I was able to say that I had beaten chronic fatigue. But the best bit is that it is still gone, over a decade later!

Since that time, I have gotten tons of questions from people about how I did it and that gave me the idea to put together this site. This way I can help people from all over the world who struggle with chronic fatigue and share with them the discoveries that I made.

On the next page are the details of absolutely everything I did – the 11 strategies that took me from struggling with chronic fatigue, to now being fully symptom free, energetic, fit and healthy for over a decade. My wish for you is that you’ll take these 11 proven strategies and use them in your journey to beat chronic fatigue.

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To your energetic and fatigue free life
Warmest regards

Adrian Magalas

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